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What are Accessory Dwelling Units and why are they important?


An accessory dwelling unit is a simple concept. It is a secondary house or apartment with it’s own kitchen, living area and separate entrance that shares the lot with the larger, primary home. ADUs are popular because they allow primary owners to earn an additional source of income or as an additional living quarters as your housing needs change over time.

Housing Flexibility

It’s important that our housing needs have the flexibility to change as our needs change. Many American families have shifts in living arrangements years after they purchase a home. They may have a new child living with them, a family member, or even a friend for an extended stay. Having the ability to have separate housing for any circumstance has proven to be an invaluable benefit of accessory dwelling units.

Additional Income with ADUs

Some localities allow you to receive legal rental income from a permitted ADU. You may also have the ability to live in the smaller ADU and rent out your primary living space if that is a better financial option for you. This freedom is what makes ADUs a valuable investment.

Examples of Accessory Dwelling Units:

  • Apartment above a garage
  • Small house (on a foundation) in the backyard
  • Apartment in a basement

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